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Airport Baggage Screening Systems Market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast 2023

Airport Baggage Screening Systems Market – Overview

Increasing development of aviation sector around the world has led to a rise in demand for airport baggage screening systems to deal with these high demand levels. Market Research Future, a firm which specializes in market reports related to the aerospace sector among others, published in its recent report on Airport Baggage Screening Systems Market Research Report – Global Forecast to 2023 that the global airport baggage screening market is expected to reach the valuation of USD 4,260.9 million and will register a CAGR of 5.42%.

As the aviation sector develops with more airports upgrading their capabilities to deal with increased passenger volumes and increase in the number of flights that operate as compared to the scenario a few years ago. With new terminals being developed, there is also high demand to include advanced baggage screening systems, as security is an important factor that airports base their operation mandate on. The demand for baggage screening systems is also generated due to the need to replace these systems from time to time as they get worn out due to continuous wear and tear.

Presently, due to existing security issues there is an emphasis on using baggage systems that can provide a prime level of screening while not compromising the amount of time taken to process and clear individual passengers. Thus the sector can be characterized as having inelastic demand as the need for exceptional airport baggage screening systems cannot be discounted or compromised against. Growing demand for air travel will make the airport baggage screening systems market even more lucrative.

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Latest Industry Updates:

Nov 2017 Alstef has commissioned the baggage-handling system for the new terminal at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport’ in France, and launched the associated maintenance contract. Phase 1 of the project includes 33 check-ins and four arrival carousels in the public areas. Within the restricted area is the redundant sorting system, which is made of three carousels linked to a Standard 3 baggage screening system. The baggage system is driven by Alstef’s management software BAGWare, which work with supervision software BAGWare View.

Nov 2017 Malta International Airport is investing in a new state-of-the-art Baggage Handling System, supplied by industry leaders Daifuku Logan, which will also be compliant with the European Civil Aviation Conference’s provision stipulating that by 2020 every European airport must possess a hold baggage screening capability that combines x-ray and computed topography technology. The new Baggage Handling System will pave the way for the forthcoming installation of eight new check-in desks which will increase the airport’s throughput and efficiency.

Nov 2017 Kelowna International Airport, Canada has invested in a new $39 million outbound baggage system. The system can carry your bags through a series of state-of-the-art security screening measures and x-rays in just 80 seconds and handle as many as 900 bags an hour, whereas the old system could only handle 450 bags an hour.

Oct 2017 Smiths Detection, a supplier and manufacturer of threat detection and screening technologies, has been contracted to supply 25 explosive detection hold baggage screening systems to Munich Airport in Germany. Smiths Detection will install the first three scanners by the end of this year. The remaining installations will be progressively rolled out between 2018 and 2021.

Airport Baggage Screening Systems Market – Competitive Analysis

With the entry of new industry players in the global baggage screening systems segment, a trend of solid, volume-driven growth has been observed in the market with the addition of new and advanced products. Companies are aiming to capture & solidify their share of the market segment, by competing and experimenting with various advantage points. The best long-term growth opportunities for this sector can be captured by ensuring ongoing process improvements and financial flexibility to invest in the optimal strategies. Additionally, strict government norms and airport authorities ensuring implementation of regular and advanced security checks, also fuels the market growth. 

The key players of global airport baggage screening systems market are American Science and Engineering, Inc., Analogic Corporation, Astrophysics Inc., C.E.I.A. S.p.A., Gilardoni S.p.A., Glidepath Group. Some of the other prominent players are L3 Security & Detection Systems, NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED, Rapiscan Systems, and Smiths Detection.

Airport Baggage Screening Systems Market – Segments

The global market for airport baggage screening systems has segmented on the basis of product type, baggage type and region.

On the basis of Product Type: Advanced Imaging Systems, Computed Tomography Systems, Explosive Detection Systems, and X-Ray Systems

On the basis of Baggage Type: Hold Baggage and Cabin Baggage

On the basis of Regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America

Airport Baggage Screening Systems Market -Regional Analysis

North America dominated the market for the airport baggage screening systems in 2016, largely due to existence of major market players in this region. Over the years, there have been high investments on the airport security systems in the region, due to the growing number of attacks and terror threats across the globe. North America is one of the leading regions in the airport baggage screening systems market. The sheer existence of the major manufacturers in this region such as Rapiscan Systems and Astrophysics Inc., among others, combined with the availability of sophisticated technologies to manufacture high-tech baggage screening systems, results in this region being of the leading regions in the airport baggage screening systems market

Similarly, Asia-Pacific is expected to be the leading market for airport baggage screening systems primarily due to the increasing expenses on the development and upgradation of airport infrastructure in the region. Countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand have witnessed a steady international air traffic growth in the recent years, which have resulted in higher investments on the airports by their governments.

There has been a significant domestic air traffic in countries such as India and China. In addition, there have been a large number of terrorist threats in this region, which have compelled the governments to improve their security measures. Thus, the region has become very lucrative for the companies that manufacture airport baggage screening systems.


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