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Military Airborne Radar Market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast 2023

The Military Airborne Radar Market Is Estimated To Witness A CAGR Of Around 8% During The Period 2018 To 2023.

Market Highlights

The Military Jammer market has advanced in radio technology from analog to digital, and nowadays, it is involved in the development of wideband radios, which is a new generation of jammer. In a military environment, jammers are frequently located in aircraft, helicopters, or unmanned aerial vehicles as the line-of-sight transmission which helps them to transfer military through communication transmitters located on the ground.

Most digital communications systems need a synchronization military to be transmitted between the communicating devices. Jamming can be concentrated on the synchronization military which will nullify the effectiveness of the entire transmission system. Synchronized systems are very susceptible to jamming. Once the synchronization is lost, the jammer stops its transmission and jammer can only be restart after resynchronization is achieved. Although, it is usually very difficult for the jamming system to know when the synchronization is lost and hence difficult to restart the jammer. Typical jamming transmission is band-limited noise that is barrage jamming. The objective is to inject an interference military into the communications frequency so that the actual military is completely submerged by the interference. Depending on the transmission, some other waveform might be more effective. Waveforms useful for jamming include noise-modulated FM, noise bursts, CW tones (spot jamming), and swept military (swept-spot jamming).

Electronic warfare equipment is progressing in its functionality due to the progression in algorithms and underlying software that impart operational capabilities to the electronic warfare systems. Researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have developed an improved RF jamming technology, where the jammer uses Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) and has an open and simple construction. The project is termed as Angry Kitten, and it aims to develop an improved adaptability jammer.

North America region mainly drives the global military jammer market. Presence of major vendors and the introduction of favorable government policies in this region is propelling the market growth in North America region. Rapidly growing expenses in military system are predicted to fasten the demand for the military jammer. Thus expected to drive the military jammer market swiftly. This region is expected to maintain its dominance in the market during the forecast period due to the presence of a huge number of military jammer manufacturers in countries like the U.S.

The high governmental support to use the military jammer in military application acts as a key driver for the growth of the military jammer market in the sector. The U.K uses drone jammer technology, which helps track the UAV flown by terrorists. Likewise, the Russian government has taken initiatives to upgrade the helicopter fleet, and the U.S. government has given contract award to Lockheed Martin for the testing and development of long-range radar. Such government initiatives play a major role in the growth of military jammer market over the forecast period.

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