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Global Aircraft Seating Market Key Players, Size, Shares, Business, Forecast To 2024


global aircraft seating market will grow at a CAGR of 7.24% during the forecast period 2019 to 2024.

The market for aircraft seating is set to reach a higher value. As per market analysts, the global market is anticipated to witness growth owing to the factors such as the presence of several aircraft operators as well as the significant investments in the regional aviation industry. However, the aircraft seating industry will face challenges and restraints due to concerns regarding raw material prices and price fluctuations and unstable supply chain during the forecast period 2019 to 2024. 

A large number of seat manufacturers present in the market in the market will support the growth. As per analysts, the market based companies will face certain challenges during the forecast period 2019 to 2024. The market research report provides in-depth analysis of the aircraft type, seat type, and fit segments. The market research report presents factors such as the concerns regarding environmental effect due to material use that could slow down the aircraft seating market’s growth. 

Market Segmentation 

The aircraft seating market has been segmented into aircraft type, seat type, and fit. Based on the segment which is aircraft type, the market is categorized on the basis of narrow body, regional transport aircraft, and wide body. The global market for aircraft seating is further segmented based on seat type into business class, first class, premium economy, and economy. Furthermore, the market, on the basis of fit is segmented into line fit and retrofit. 

The market report offers comprehensive study of the aircraft seating industry segments including aircraft type, seat type, and fit. The analysts have also studied the market’s spread across the regional markets across many of the market’s segments at country levels. The aircraft type, seat type, and fit segments spread across the market along with the subsegments are studied. The global market for aircraft seating is spread across various product and service based segments. The aircraft seating market research report highlights these key segments and offers forecasts based on primary and secondary data. The global aircraft seating market research report presents key company profiles of organizations active across the aircraft seating market. 

Regional Overview 

Strict aviation policies may hinder the aircraft seating market growth. The market research report suggests that companies in the market could be supported by the increased need for high-density seating configurations  as well as the demand for luxury during the forecast period. The market is set to register growth at a high CAGR owing to these key factors. The market is spread across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and other parts of the world. As per market analysts, the market is set to witness tremendous growth across aircraft type, seat type, and fit segments. The global market’s North American region covers markets across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and others. Businesses present in the market are also profiled and their strategies have been presented in detail in the aircraft seating indurty research report. 

The market across the European region covers Italy, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the aircraft seating market research report provides details about the APAC region covering markets from China, India, Australia, Japan, and others. The market is also active across several other parts of the world. The market report covers all these key regions including the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, and others active in the global market. 

Competitive Landscape 

Aircraft seating has seen tremendous growth, due to the growing demand for comfort and the need for more seating space. However, high cost associated with manufacturing and compliance and unfavorable corporate policies would challenge the companies active in the market.

Furthermore, companies using growth strategies to stay ahead in the global aircraft seating industry are expected to help the market during the forecast period 2019 to 2024. As the aircraft seating market report suggests that the market will register a CAGR of 7.24% and reach a higher value, the aircraft seating industry report highlights key areas market based companies need to focus on. The market research report projects a long term growth till 2024. Based on market’s analysis on the basis of SWOT and Porters’ Five Force Model, the market will rise during the forecast period 2019 to 2024, however the companies need to move ahead with caution. The aircraft seating industry research report highlights such key areas. 

Industry News 

Adient Aerospace, a joint company which will produce, manufacture and market a range of seating products to airlines and aircraft leasing firms, has announced the establishment of Adient Aerospace. The seats will be used on new aircraft for Boeing and other commercial aircraft manufacturers as a repair configuration. The seats will be available. 10 months after Boeing and Adient revealed their initial partnership to discuss advanced luxury, performance and functions for seating and interior aircraft.

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